2 Iranian pilots killed after ejection seat malfunction


Two Iranian fighter pilots met their demise on Tuesday after their aging F-5 fighter’s ejection seats malfunctioned.

The two Tiger II pilots, Colonel Kianoush Basati and Lieutenant Hossein Nami, were reportedly ejected from the aircraft while it was still in the hangar, smashing their bodies into the roof.

The incident happened close to the Iraqi border at Dezful Vahdati Air Force Base, which is approximately 270 miles south of the capital Tehran.

According to MSN, the incident is being investigated by Iranian officials.

The F-5E is a rather old aircraft, and was used as an “aggressor” aircraft to train US pilots.

Many familiar with “Top Gun” may recognize the aircraft as the “MiG-28,” from the film, piloted by faceless airmen in black flying attire.

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