After 20 years in the Air Force, I finally found the right razor

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After more than 20 years in the Air Force, the last thing I wanted to do post retirement was shave. Admittedly, shaving has always been one of my least favorite things to do. Too time consuming and quite frankly, I’ve never been able to find a product or set of products that doesn’t leave some form of irritation on my face.

I’ve tried a variety of products from drugstore plastic handled blades to high-end kits that look great sitting on the counter but still leave much to be desired.

Even though I’m not a fan of shaving and quite comfortable with a 5 o’clock shadow, my girlfriend on the other hand likes a clean shave.

BOOM — in all her brilliance, I was unknowingly subscribed to Dollar Shave Club. Okay, so I was initially thinking, “I’ve seen these advertised on T.V., and I know I’m not going to be impressed.” Well, as often the case…my girlfriend is right…and I am wrong.

Begrudgingly, I went off to the bathroom to get my shave on, and I was initially quite impressed with the build quality of the handle, and although I’ve never been a fan of more than two-blades, this six-blade cartridge clicked right in and to my surprise, cleaned out nice as I ran it under the water.

The best surprise was the Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter. The shaving cream alternative is not foam, nor a gel, but it works better than both with no need to constantly rinse the blade or clean up a mess afterward.  At first I thought the bottle seemed too small for a month “subscription,” but I realized it only takes about a quarter-sized blast to foam up and cover my entire face. It rinses well from the razor, like I said, but the best part — when I finished the shave —what I didn’t notice was the typical “razor burn” I usually experience after a close shave.

I’m not the type of guy who usually writes reviews for products, but I have to admit, after more than 24 hours on the shave, I still have a baby-smooth face, and I felt the experience was too good to keep to myself.  Do yourself a favor take the hassle out of shaving. My girlfriend tells me her shopping experience was quick and easy, and she said I received the first month for only $5 due to Dollar Shave Club’s limited time $5 1st month subscription.

I’ve always hated cheap razors and even worse, waiting in line for some store clerk to come over and “unlock” blades that are always so expensive they need to be behind lock and key.

If you’re like me, and have that one flight chief who’s always eyeing you up and inspecting your shave do yourself a favor and check out Dollar Shave Club. Great prices, great products and you won’t need a security guard to escort you out of the store with your razor blades. The handle, the blades, and the Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter will keep you looking great for roll call, and you’ll be able to say goodbye to that irritating razor burn once and for all.

If you subscribe now you will only have to pay $5 for the Starter Box with your first month’s blades ($15 value) and a few bucks a month after that.

Try the Stater Box today!

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