Air Force abruptly ends constant bomber presence in Guam shortly after show of force “Elephant Walk”


The US Air Force has decided to “mix it up” a little bit in an effort to prevent foreign adversaries from preying on their predictability- a move that potentially sets the tone for the future of warfare.

The USAF B-52s previously given a temporary assignment to Andersen AFB in Guam have since headed back to the continental United States, flying to North Dakota’s Minot AFB under the callsign “SEEYAH.”

The aircraft were tracked and posted to the Aircraft Spots Twitter page, leaving many to question why the B-52s participated in an Elephant Walk exercise only days prior.

The departure sees an end to sixteen years of bomber presence at Andersen AFB, and is reportedly part of a new US strategy to make assignments and force strength less predictable.

Furthermore, deployments and deployment sites may become more varied.

“In line with the National Defense Strategy, the United States has transitioned to an approach that enables strategic bombers to operate forward in the Indo-Pacific region from a broader array of overseas locations, when required, and with greater operational resilience, while these bombers are permanently based in the United States,” USAF Major Kate Atanasoff, a US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) spokesperson, said in a statement to The Drive.

“US strategic bombers will continue to operate in the Indo-Pacific, to include Guam, at the timing and tempo of our choosing.”

The “last continuous bomber mission” at Andersen was also verified by the Department of Defense.

While this may come as a shock for some, the practice has been a long time coming. In 2018, B-2 Spirit stealth bombers went to Wake Island, a tiny location that was once the site of a poignant “Alamo”-type situation between the island’s American defenders and Japanese invaders.

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