Air Force Academy cadet faces court-martial for cocaine use

A cadet in the US Air Force Academy will likely face a court-martial next week, after he used cocaine and lied to investigators.

Junior cadet Ethan Walton came to Colorado Springs from Georgia as a football recruit- but now faces a maximum sentence of up to 5 years in military penal custody.

According to The Gazette, Walton had tested positive for cocaine earlier in the year and, when confronted, claimed that he had eaten drugged food at an off-campus establishment.

Not convinced, the Air Force slapped Walton with a felony charge of making a “false official statement.”

Two weeks after the initial investigation, Walton was questioned about going on an alleged trip with classmates to Las Vegas, which Walton denied. Caught in a lie once again, he was charged with a second count of making a false statement.

Scheduled to go to trial next week, Walton now faces down two felony charges of making false official statements and a charge of alleged cocaine use.

The cadet could face half a decade behind bars and a dismissal from the USAFA.

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