Air Force offers bonuses up to $50k in response to manpower shortages and recruiting challenges


In light of tough recruiting prospects, the USAF has begun offering new incentives, from financial bonuses to “quick ship” rollouts of recruits.

Six skills have been identified as being added to the FY2022 Initial Enlistment Bonus Program.

The skills have been tied to four and six-year contracts in hard-to-fill job specialties.

According to the USAF, an additional incentive called “Quick Ship” will also be offered from April to September, resulting in an $8k bonus for many who meet requirements.

“Quick Ship” is classified as when an already fully-qualified applicant fills a short-notice Basic Military Training Vacancy, shipping out within five days or less.

“As we roll up our sleeves in the battle for talent, we’ve got to remain competitive as we go after our next generation of Airmen,” said Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas, Air Force Recruiting Service commander. “While we’ve got an unmatched value proposition we also have a record-high level of competition for America’s best and brightest.”

Cyber and Special Warfare fields have pretty substantial bonuses, with the latter already eligible for up to $50,000 upon entering active duty.

The following is the complete list that went into effect as of April 11, 2022:

1A8X1Airborne Linguist  $20,000 N/A
1N3XXCrypto Linguist  $18,000N/A
1D731RRadio Frequency Transmission Systems  $6,000 $3,000 
1T0X1SERE  $40,000N/A
2A534Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance  $6,000 $3,000 
2A632Aerospace Ground Equipment  $6,000 $3,000 
2W031Munitions Systems  $6,000 $3,000   
2W131Aircraft Armament Systems $6,000$3,000
 3D0X2 Cyber Sys. Ops.$12,000-$20,000  N/A
 3D0X3 Cyber Surety$12,000-$20,000  N/A
 3D1X1 Client Systems$12,000-$20,000 N/A
 3D1X2Cyber Transport Systems $12,000-$20,000  N/A
3E8X1EOD $50,000N/A
 9T500Special Warfare Operator Enlistment $50,000   N/A
  9TMAGEAny Mechanical or Electrical Aptitude Area $6,000   $3,000  
AFRSQUICK SHIPAny AFSC $8,000   $8,000  

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