Air Force Reserve Encourages Professional Airmen to Play with Crayons


If you joined the Air Force because you aspired to develop a lethal skillset and take pride in delivering molten steel to the hapless forecraniums of those foolish enough to line up against your countrymen, here’s the bad news: the professional American military tradition is all but dead, and there’s no one charging the shock paddles. An Air Force that once obsessed over technical details now bathes in administrative minutiae, happily coated in a patina of bureaucratic filth.

But here’s the good news: if you like coloring contests, you’ll be right at home in today’s Air Force. Check out this double smile emoticon email from someone who claims to be a Colonel, but strikes fear only into the heart of the 6-year-old at the adjacent picnic table who sees the older guy eyeing his Crayolas.


It’s not so much that these clowns are turning our military institutions into literal child’s play, but that they’re doing it using your money and mine … all the while wincing and whining like pathetic children about how little cash they have. 

Perhaps worst of all, the gutless generals charged with preserving our fighting forces are failing in this most basic charge as they quiver at the feet of feckless politicians, maintaining outrageously conflict-free relationships as they preside over the rapid decay of our defenses.

So much for the reserves being the BS-free alternative for active duty refugees. This is truly repugnant clownery and a crystalline example of fraud, waste, and abuse. Luckily, the IG will save us.

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