Air Force to start pay cuts for its toughest jobs next month


As the fiscal year 2023 approaches, some Airmen are going to find out their pay is soon to be reduced due to fiscal constraints.

Airmen who work some of the more difficult jobs will see cuts to their Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) starting October 1st.

SDAP is intended “to compensate enlisted service members who serve in duties which are extremely difficult” and rages from $75 to $450 a month.

The budget cuts would cut these Airmen’s annual compensation by $900 to $5,400.

“The Air Force saw an overall reduction of over $3 million to the FY23 SDAP budget based on fiscal constraints,” service spokeswoman Laurel Falls told “Due to the reduced funding levels, SDAP rates for 44 functional communities saw reductions.”

According to the Air Force, they are $3 million short in funding for the Special Duty Assignment Budget for 2023.

Lawmakers could avoid the reduction in pay by reinstating the Special Duty Assignment Pay difference in the budget proposal before Congress approves.

According to the budget documents, these Airmen face reductions in SDAP:

  • Recruiters
  • Basic Military Training instructors
  • Human Intelligence debriefers
  • Combat Controllers
  • Pararescue operators
  • Command chief master sergeants
  • First sergeants
  • Defense Attaché Office (DAO) liaisons
  • Nuclear Enterprise airmen
  • Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) agents
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) supervisors
  • Postal and National Defense Advisory Commission (NDAC) enablers
  • Tactical Air Command and Control Party (TACP) operators
  • Enlisted pilots and weapons directors
  • Parachute instructors and those with test parachute program
  • Flight attendants
  • Mission system specialists
  • Load masters
  • USAF Honor Guards
  • Special Reconnaissance operators
  • Phoenix Raven Security Forces defenders
  • Forward Area Refueling Point enablers
  • Flying crew chiefs
  • Defense couriers
  • Airmen who support various commands
  • Enlisted airmen who work with special government agencies
  • Public affairs airmen assigned to recruiting squadrons
  • Air transportation airmen
  • Airmen assigned to special classified Air Force projects.

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