Air Force veteran bomber found not guilty because of insanity

Benjamin Roden

An Air Force veteran accused of attacking an Oklahoma military recruiting station in July of last year was found “not guilty” on the grounds of insanity.

29-year-old Benjamin Roden was indicted for destruction of government property after setting off a pipe bomb in front of an empty USAF recruiting center on July 10 of last year, injuring no one.

Examinations of Roden revealed that he was afflicted with “a severe mental disease or defect,” and therefore did not understand what he was doing when he bombed the center.

According to the AP, a judge ordered Roden to remain in federal custody while he was being treated and to continue taking anti-psychotic medication.

In February of this year, attempts were made to medicate Roden in order for him to stand trial.

The bombing took place in the town of Bixby and involved an ammo can filled with explosives.

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