Air Force Week in Photos

James Salute

According to a Fox News report out today, the Air Force is in bad shape. An aging fleet relies on cannibalization from museum aircraft to stay airborne, maintained by overworked, burned out airmen looking for the nearest exit from a service in tatters.

So obviously, the service’s leaders have airmen focusing on their core duties, making best use of their resources, and maximizing family and personal time whenever possible. Right?

Not so much.

Here’s a guy playing with sidewalk chalk on taxpayer time. His actions are supposedly preventing sexual assault. Obviously, rapists everywhere are lining up to reform themselves after this.


These people were pulled out of their duty sections to engage in mandatory speed socializing, whatever that is.

Speed Socializing

This looks like an episode of Romper Room, and an embarrassment to the uniform.

Mil Dollars

If you want to know what’s wrong with this, check out the Urban Dictionary entry for REMF.


How is Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James dealing with all of this?

Taxpayer funded skydiving. You know, because securing resources and policies in Congress requires that she personally experience jumping out of an airplane.

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