Airmen are shocked by Air Force’s sexual assault prevention poster

As the number of sexual assaults continues to rise in the US military, the Department of Defense has responded with all the seriousness that a cartoon skunk can provide.

Seen at McChord Field, a poster bearing a skunk with the words “Sexual Assault Stinks!” was photographed by Air Force personnel and spread around social media.

Needless to say, the lack of self-awareness did not go over well.

“Wow,” Kirsten Inwood-Shivley wrote on @AirForceForum. “Kinda trivializes sexual assault.”

“Oh thank God,” Tristin McCollough snarkily responded. “I was worried they were gonna start handling this like adults for a second there.”

Others want someone to lose their job.

“Whoever thought this is a good idea and approved it should not be involved in the SAPR program,” Tom Moore wrote. “Obviously they don’t take their job or the program seriously.”

Then again, user Mark Shipley spelled it out perfectly.

“This is why the other branches make fun of us,” he wrote.

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