Airman says Gov. agents were ‘in control of his body’ when he killed his wife


A former Airman claims government agents got inside of his head and controlled his body, forcing him to shoot his wife.

Humberto Diaz no doubt confused Oklahoma jurors when he made a myriad of bizarre claims on Monday, ranging from a non-existent Secret Service security clearance to insisting that his wife -who was allegedly fathered by former President Bill Clinton- had conspired to get him kicked out of the US Air Force.

When asked by his attorney about his Secret Service affiliations, Diaz claimed he couldn’t talk about and stated that whenever he asked his wife who her father was, “people would start to come around.”

According to the Oklahoman, Diaz is charged with fatally shooting Rebecca Diaz in 2015, firing two shots into her face.

The shooting is reported to have taken place following an argument on the roof of their two-story home.

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2 thoughts on “Airman says Gov. agents were ‘in control of his body’ when he killed his wife

  1. ‘former airman’. How long has he been out? I looked a t a few articles, but none said. Is it relevant at all that he was in the Air Force before he became a complete nutjob?

  2. I have so many questions, to include why the heck they argue on the roof of their two story home?

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