Airman tells his secret to get away with long hair and beard in the Air Force

For some new members of the Air Force, maintaining a “hip” appearance is more important than the Air Force’s need for uniformity that -in theory- reinforces cohesion and discipline to achieve the Air Force’s collective goals.

One young Airman explains how he works hard to stay within the Air Force’s appearance standards to achieve the appearance he feels he needs to have.

His secrets, in which he ironically tells viewers not to share, include convincing a doctor he has a condition that prohibits him from shaving as well as using a head rag to mash his long hair to his head while he sleeps.

He warns that his techniques only work if they are constantly used to make sure the user is still technically within regulation.

He leaves his viewers with the following message: “If you follow AFI 36-2903 as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.”

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