Another Home Run: CSAF Directs AFPC to Return Promotion Notification to Commanders


First, he admitted the pilot retention problem was a crisis in need of urgent attention from his level. Then, he committed to spending his first year in the seat making sure squadrons get healthy again, correctly labeling them the “beating heart” of the Air Force.

Now this. Feast your eyes on an email sent to the field earlier today and obtained by JQP. The policy change it details has already been updated on AFPC’s MyPers website.


Almost 9 years ago, the Air Force adopted virtual enlisted promotion releases. We did it for understandable reasons — the system we used to provide results to commanders (PC-III) was abolished and PBD 720 cut the folks at the base level MPFs who did the work.

Since we’ve gone to this virtual process, commanders have been asking for a way to allow them to make promotion notifications to their Airmen. While we’ve been able to make adjustments so senior raters get early notification for SNCO promotions (MSgt, SMSgt and CMSgt), we hadn’t been able to crack the code on how to do it for NCOs.

AFPC has been working hard to solve this challenge and recently found a way to make it happen. We just couldn’t get the processes in place before tomorrow’s TSgt release. However, beginning with the SSgt promotion release (currently projected for August), AFPC will provide you access to your promotion list about 4 days before public release. While this will generate a little additional workload for your teams, it will pay dividends in the long run as we once again give commanders the first opportunity to notify their selects. On the day of public release, we’ll still release virtually as normal.

This is one of many initiatives to further empower you, your commanders and all our Total Force Airmen where it matters most…at the squadron level. I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts with you very soon.

Fight’s on!

Chief of Staff
It’s charitable of Gen. Goldfein to spend some words trying to lay this decade-old policy at the doorstep of circumstances beyond anyone’s control, but the truth is much more straightforward: the Air Force screwed this up royally and then refused to reverse itself for fear of losing face or unleashing a tidal wave of other requests.

This horrible policy sat untouched for 9 years. Field commanders at all levels complained about it. No one lifted a finger to change it. The result announced by Goldfein today was achievable years ago … if only someone had cared enough to push it into being.

We now find ourselves with a leader at the top clearly focused on the right things and who clearly cares enough to make them happen. Can he translate all of this into results? Too early to say, but hope springs eternal. The most direct result in this case will be NCOs learning about promotions in a traditional and emotionally dignifying manner … and that is an important result in and of itself.

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