B-2 bomber bursts into flames after making emergency landing at Whiteman AFB


A B-2 stealth bomber has sustained damage after an emergency landing in Missouri, causing damage to one of the twenty or so in service.

The incident took place at Whiteman AFB on December 10, when the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing, resulting in the left-side landing gear giving out.

A small fire broke out after landing and the Whiteman fire crew managed to contain the blaze.

According to the Eurasian Times, the aircraft belonged to the 509th Bomb Wing.

A US Air Force B-2 Spirit experienced an in-flight malfunction during routine operations today and was damaged on the runway at Whiteman Air Force Base after it completed an emergency landing,” the unit’s Public Relations team said in a statement.

Both the 509th and 121st Bomb Wings are stationed at Whiteman, located 45 miles east of Kansas City.

The B-2 fleet is small, with only twenty or so airframes left and roughly half being operational at any given time.

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