The Bergdahl Interview Transcript

Photo: Associated Press.
Photo: Associated Press.

Bowe Bergdahl’s defense team recently released an unedited, un-redacted version of the transcript from his interview with Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl. 

Army prosecutors immediately began hyperventilating, accusing Bergdahl’s defense team of somehow behaving irresponsibly. They’re threatening to invoke a writ no one ever uses, which makes sense given they’re pursuing criminal charges no one ever pursues.

It says something damning about the state of military justice that a process used to decide the culpability of a man accused of high crimes and fighting for his life is to be considered unfit for popular consumption without government vetting and censorship. So much for the heralded openness of the Obama government.

Woe betide us if we indulge such regressive claptrap. We’re in a representative government. Bergdahl is a public employee. He was interviewed on public time by a public official using public resources. His interview is neither classified nor — having been released by his own attorneys — privileged. There exists no compelling reason why the public shouldn’t have access to the transcript.

We provide it here, if for no other reason than to resist the hatefully jack-booted notion that we shouldn’t. If and when the Army provides an alternative copy that it claims better protects the information of those involved without hampering the essential meaning of the document, we’ll gladly feature it.

Read this transcript. It paints a more detailed picture than any of the public accounts yet provided by either side or the mainstream media, and touches on important issues that impact all of us.

In the interest of transparency in the affairs of government and citizen:

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