Beyond the Partisan Headlines, Services Work Tirelessly to Help Puerto Rico Recover

Capt. Jared Powell, 15th Airlift Squadron C-17 Globemaster III aircraft commander, flies a C-17 to pick up cargo for a humanitarian mission to Puerto Rico, Sept. 28th, 2017. Powell, along with his aircrew, picked up Army Soldiers and relief supplies to deliver to Ceiba, Puerto Rico. The 15th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, worked alongside the Army’s 510th Human Resources Company to deliver relief to Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sept. 20th, 2017 leaving millions without power and food or water. (Photo by Senior Airman Christian Sullivan)

Like too many things these days, the devastation of Puerto Rico has become just another partisan political chewtoy … gnawed at by incessant pundits while people on the island endure unimaginable deprivation.

But in the middle of all that God awful misery, hope is trying hard to burn through and give us a glimpse of itself. Take a look at this post, which is right going viral:

Something so moving needs no elaboration.

Take a look also at this excerpted slide, which we lifted from a daily update briefing developed within the Air Mobility Command’s Tanker Airlift Control Center and circulated to field commanders:

This makes crystal clear what insiders already knew: while the professional nabobs on all sides natter about the pro and con of the government response to Puerto Rico — justifiably in many cases given the conduct of the Tweeter in Chief — people of real character are carrying out acts of real substance. They’re infusing optimism into a situation about as grim as it gets.

For as long as we have people like these walking among us, we’ll be alright.