Civilian employee takes most insignificant stand against USAF policy


Of all the topics we cover, this could possibly go down in history as one we loathe the most. E-mail signature blocks … really … who cares?

Clearly the Air Force cares. The institution cares so much; instruction for its construction is plainly outlined in the Tongue and Quill. Include “//SIGNED//” in upper case before the signature block to signify official Air Force information (e.g., instructions, directions, or policies). Restrict the signature block to name, rank, service affiliation, duty title, organization name, phone numbers (DSN and/or commercial as appropriate), and social media contact information. Do not add slogans, quotes, or other personalization to an official signature block.

 Most are willing to acquiesce the desire to embellish personal e-mail signatures, but there always has to be “that guy” who can’t grasp or comprehend the simplest of instruction.

Not only does the Air Force see the topic as relevant, base-level senior NCOs have to take time out of their busy schedules to address “that guy” aka Airman Snuffy, who is so inspired by Mad Dog to just knock it off.


The Air Force is an institution that does require a bit of standardization. Can’t we all just agree that a signature block be constructed to standard and then left alone to go along its merry way? Or do we live in a culture where something this trivial is worth “falling on the sword?”


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