Coming Soon: Spencer Stone to Star in Film Portraying His Heroism

Staff Sergeant Spencer Stone, famed terrorist ass-kicker who subdued a would-be gunman while off duty on a Paris-bound train in 2015, will star in an upcoming Clint Eastwood feature chronicling the thwarted attack. Alongside his battle buddies Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos, who helped him prevent untold loss of life, Stone will make his Hollywood acting debut when the film is released on February 9th.

The three pals, each a recipient of the Legion of Honour (France’s highest award), were aboard the 15:17 train from Amsterdam to Paris on August 21st, 2015, when 25-year-old Moroccan Ayoub El Khazzani — at the time under surveillance by French authorities for his ties to radical jihad — exited the restroom carrying an AKM assault rifle.

When passenger Mark Moogalian attempted to wrestle the rifle from him, Khazzani drew a 9mm Luger handgun and shot Moogalian, who sustained a serious wound to the neck. The gunman then attempted to discharge the AKM, which fortunately jammed. That was all the time Stone needed to charge him like a blitzing linebacker and take him down.

Stone tackled Khazzani and put him in a choke hold, maintaining the hold even as the attacker sliced at Stone with a box cutter, nearly severing his thumb. Joined by Skarlatos, Sadler, and others, Stone was able to subdue Khazzani until he could be disarmed and restrained. Four people were injured in total, none of them fatally. In addition to the two firearms, Khazzani had been carrying 270 rounds of rifle ammunition as well as a bottle of gasoline.

After giving Khazzani a richly-deserved whomping and humiliating his plan, Stone — an Air Force medic — likely saved Moogalian’s life by putting his fingers into the wounded passenger’s neck wound and getting enough pressure on an artery to stem his bleeding.

Stone later elevated himself to undead status by surviving a serious stabbing in late October in Sacramento. Later that month, he was promoted from Airman First Class to Senior Airman. The following month, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant.

Stone introduced the film yesterday on his facebook feed, joking “[o]ne of the rare time[s] in my life when I said ‘someone hold my beer’ and it all worked out.”

You can watch the trailer and follow the online commentary below. Looks like one that will be worth watching … and nice to have a feel-good story to dilute the constant negativity in our public life and popular culture of late.

Spencer Stone is one of those subjects we can just about universally and uncontroversially agree upon. The dude is basically the heir apparent to Chuck Norris. Not only does he make sissy terrorist imbeciles piss themselves, he stars in his own movies about it.

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