Course 15 Study Guides

C15 Hi Res

Recently, a helpful poster on Reddit shared a pair of study guides designed to help navigate the ponderous mountain of material in the Air Force’s Course 15 NCO Professional Military Education distance learning package. 

After the post was linked and shared thousands of times, whoever posted it apparently got cold feet and took it down. It’s not clear why … given that sharing study aids for this material is in no way a violation of test compromise policies and isn’t against the rules. In fact, it’s exactly what should be happening. NCOs should be reacting to and sharing their thoughts about the material … complicating their understanding of its concepts by colliding ideas off one another and creating different frameworks for understanding. It’s ludicrous to think otherwise … after all, what good is a development course that can’t be openly discussed?

At any rate, we want to make sure anyone who wants access to the quasi-illicit study guides can enjoy them, so here they are. No warranty is made about the accuracy or quality of these study materials, but they’ve been getting rave reviews from those actually immersed in Course 15 as well as its survivors.

Set A:

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Set B:

[scribd id=314281588 key=key-miGb5bD9qvBCtPdi9FeL mode=scroll]

Enjoy, and share freely … because with few exceptions, knowledge should be shared, not controlled.

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