Curious Video: Air Force Parachute Infantry Vigilante?

Anti-shoplifting vigilante Norman Reynolds, 60, of Elkhart, IN. Photo: WSJV.
Anti-shoplifting vigilante Norman Reynolds, 60, of Elkhart, IN. Photo: WSJV.

Here’s one that will likely make the Stolen Valor crowd apoplectic.

Normal Reynolds appeared in front of judge earlier today after having fired his personal weapon at fleeing shoplifters in the parking lot of a discount department store, according to the report of a local TV station.

But I have a feeling after veterans watch the video linked below, his firearm charges are likely to become the smaller part of the story. 

Watch and weep.


Alternative source here that actually discusses the incident in better detail.

Reynolds is said to have served 24 years in the Army and Air Force, according to the reporting of the crack news team bringing us the story. Somehow, in that time, he accumulated missileer, maintenance, enlisted aircrew, infantry, parachutist, and a host of other qualifications … according to the hardware visible on his uniform. 

“I thought, ‘Really? A felony charge?’ I’m very well-trained,” said Reynolds upon learning his citizen activism would land him in front of a judge. It’s possible and perhaps even likely that he is well trained in the use of firearms … but whether he got that training in the manner he claims is rendered assailable by this video.

There are other problems in both the footage and the story … from unlikely medals to dubious statements. I’ll let you have fun find finding and commenting on them. Of course, none of what is reported explains why this guy, even if he is a retired USAF E-6, is walking around small town Indiana in his service dress.

But it sure is interesting … one might even say entertaining.

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