Edwards Planning Mass Drug Test for Thursday, July 6th

Back in April 2016, we brought you a story about the wing commander at Edwards AFB ordering a mass lockdown at the front gate, with every active duty member subjected to surprise urine testing while families were detained for contraband searches for 3-4 hours.

That coverage should have embarrassed the Air Force and should have served as a warning that base commanders were violating the Constitution and taking false comfort in “safety and security” rationales that do not stretch far enough to permit mass warrantless drug testing without reasonable suspicion.

It would appear the article fell on deaf ears. At a moment when the Secretary says the culture needs to change and the Chief of Staff insists he and his staff are doing everything possible to reduce irritants to airmen, Edwards leaders are once again poised to harass and vilify thousands of airmen and families without stating a valid reason and (hasten to predict) without publishing detailed enough results for the effort to be challenged after the fact. It seems the base is irretrievably fixated on watching airmen piss and cannot shake itself clean of this wee obsession, even with service leaders begging wings to help make the USAF a more attractive career option for its best and brightest.

This year, airmen are fighting back from within the system by leaking knowledge of the pee raid before it occurs. This article intends to act on that cue in pursuit of a single purpose: to inform enough airmen of the impending test so as to nullify its potential value.

If you’re an airman who doesn’t want to be tested tomorrow, call in sick. If you’re a family member, avoid the base. If you were planning on smuggling contraband onto Edwards tomorrow, now you know better. And if you were planning on smoking weed tonight, then for a whole bunch of reasons including knowledge of this impending test, don’t.

Please share this far and wide, especially with anyone you know stationed at Edwards AFB.

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