F-22A Raptor nose gear failure on arrival at Eglin Air Force Base


One of a finite (and dwindling) number of US Air Force F-22A Raptors was reportedly involved in an accident, once again occurring at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.

The aircraft, assigned to the 325th Fighter Wing, had a nose gear failure upon landing as part of what was deemed an “in-flight emergency” by Eglin authorities.

The pilot was taken to the base flight medical facility, but no information on the pilot’s potential injuries or condition has been released.

According to NWF Daily news, the incident took place on Monday and is the second F-22 accident to take place at Eglin AFB within the span of a year.

“The F-22 experienced an in-flight emergency,” Eglin’s Public Affairs stated. “The aircraft landed safely. There was one person on board. Fire crews responded immediately and the pilot was transported to flight medicine for an evaluation.”

F-22A Raptor of the 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, on the transient ramp May 1, 2017, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, during a fuel stop. Tinker AFB overhauls the Pratt & Whitney F119 engines used by the U.S Air Force’s F-22 Raptor fleet. (U.S. Air Force photo/Greg L. Davis)

An investigation is underway, and it is unknown if the aircraft will be salvageable or stricken off the already-small list of active (and irreplaceable) F-22s in USAF inventory.

Due to Hurricane Michael in 2018, the 325th was evacuated from Tyndall AFB to Eglin AFB, where -according to members of the squadron speaking on condition of anonymity- have often had a tense relationship with squadrons and personnel native to the base.

There have been discussions within upper ranks of moving the squadron to Virginia, New Mexico and other locations, but little information on the matter has been released.


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