Fallen Special Ops Airman given a Viking warrior send off

A fallen US Air Force Combat Controller was given a “viking funeral” by his friends, who lit a miniature nordic vessel on fire in his honor.

Staff Sergeant Dylan James “E.L.” Elchin was serving as a J-TAC with the 26th Special Tactics Squadron when he was killed on November 27, 2018, in Andar District of the Ghazni Province of Afghanistan.

His combat-related death still fresh in the minds of his comrades, a few creative friends took to the internet to show how they honored their fallen buddy.

Posted on Reddit, a short video shows a large model of a viking ship being set alight by a flaming arrow. The vessel bears a shield emblazoned with “EL,” and appears to be set alight near a body of water.

“A Warrior’s Farewell to Combat Controller Dylan J Elchin ‘EL,’” the post reads.

According to his obituary, his actual burial is not until Thursday, December 6 at Arlington National Cemetery.

Elchin was an Ohio native and one of three personnel killed when their vehicle was destroyed by an IED. Vice President Mike Pence was present when Elchin and his fallen comrades landed at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on November 28.

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