Fascist Internet Police Threaten Those Who Expose Generals’ Wastefulness


The photo above was posted recently to JQP Facebook as a means of commenting on the exorbitant waste of the Air Force’s multiple annual gatherings of its grand poobahs. Their gatherings, nicknamed “Corona” conferences, drain money, time, focus, and manpower from an already depleted Air Force in order to swaddle the service’s generals in the comfort of Earthly deification as they absorb formal dinners and presentations adding marginal value but inflating their already bloated sense of self-importance.

See also this article from April, which gives factual foundation to claims of egregious manpower abuse associated with this event.

Not long after this photo was posted, a couple of commenters started dropping truth bombs. To whit:

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.31.14 PM


Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 10.32.48 PM

In response to one of these posts, the individual’s active duty Air Force chain of command, based at Wright-Patterson, placed him under investigation, barred him from his workplace, and ordered him to cease commenting on JQP.

To that chain of command, we offer the following proposition: lift the unlawful orders, cease the extra-legal and abusive investigation, and allow your airmen to freely offer their personal opinions on social media without fear of reprisal. Do those things, and we we’ll simply move along to the next story while watching to ensure you exercise appropriate restraint in the future. Do them not, and we will expose you by name here on these pages, along with every detail of your actions and how they deviate beyond the bounds of your authority.

Corona is a monument of the waste and self-importance indulged by generals drunk on the trappings of positional authority. Corona is an excuse for self-importance on the taxpayer dime … and a justification to turn working Air Force professionals into waitstaff. For too long, it’s been the generals’ way of reminding everyone who is in charge. We say let them do that by leading effectively instead of this nonsense.

At any rate, airmen who speak the truth about what they’ve observed with respect to Corona must face no reprisal. To the extent they do, the abusers must and will be held to account. If not by the chain of command, then by public means.

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