FBI investigating leak of 1,000 pages of ‘Top Secret’ Air Force intelligence

The FBI is currently investigating a potential leak of over 1,000 pages of classified documents from the US Air Force National Air and Space Intelligence Center, including intelligence on foreign military equipment.

The files were reportedly taken home by a USAF contractor -identified as Izaak Vincent Kemp- working from Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and discovered after a search warrant was filed and executed by the Fairborn City Police Department late last month.

According to Forbes, many of the documents were top secret and involved highly sensitive information on enemy combat capabilities. Some even had “Special Access Program” protections.

Interestingly enough, the files were found while officers were searching for an alleged “marijuana growing facility.”

Kemp claims he printed the files while at NASIC and simply took them home for storage.

US foreign service alumni and Center for Strategic and International Studies Vice President Jim Lewis told Forbes that Kemp had access to “a lot of good data,” adding that the information was possibly tagged for sale.

“Usually when people take these things they mean to sell them to someone…Normally it’d be the Chinese,” he said.

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