First female airman starts training to be a special operations combat controller

(Air Force)

The US Air Force Combat Controller community may soon no longer be an all-male affair, provided the latest female Airman makes it through the training pipeline.

The female candidate, who is currently unidentified, is currently in the training program’s eight-week special warfare prep course, which began on October 14. If she passes, she will begin the next phase of training and selection.

According to the Air Force Times, the woman is not the first to try but will be the first to succeed if she completes the course.

Another woman has put her hat in the ring for special operations training, though she is seeking a Pararescue position and has yet to actually begin training.

“There is no specific timeline as to when we’ll see our first woman serving as a special warfare airman in one of the seven combat-related career fields opened for women in 2016,” said 1st. Lt. Jeremy Huggins of the Air Force’s Special Warfare Training Wing. “From start to finish, it may take up to two years for a woman to join an operational unit because of the Air Force’s natural timeline to recruit, access, select and train. The training pipeline for these highly skilled and highly trained specialties are quite lengthy for all special warfare airmen.”

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