First Lady to Visit Al Udeid


One of the most miserable salt mines in the Air Force will get a jolt of excitement and a break from the normal routine later this week with the arrival of a very special visitor: the First Lady of the United States.

According to an internal email obtained by JQP (and confirmed in recent open source news coverage), the White House has announced the Michelle Obama will make a stop at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, joined by comedian Conan O’Brien. Her visit will include an interaction with deployed servicemembers, after which O’Brien will film a performance.

The full announcement:

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2015 12:57 PM
To: AUAB Al Udeid/ALL

Subject: INFO: First Lady and Conan O’Brien Visit

Good Afternoon Team Al Udeid,

The White House has announced that the First Lady of the United States will visit Al Udeid Air Base as part of her trip to Qatar next week.  Current plans are for Mrs. Obama to speak briefly to service members and interested families at an event in Memorial Plaza.  Following her remarks Conan O’Brien will be filming a show at Memorial Plaza.

Updated information on date and time will be released once all details are approved by the White House.  Please expect additional security measures and specific entry procedures in and around Memorial Plaza prior to, and during the event.

We are honored to host the First Lady and Conan, and look forward to a fantastic turnout.

Public Affairs

The visit will undoubtedly create a welcome distraction for many essentially zombified denizens of the Grand Slam Wing and the blatantly overmanned air operations center. The opportunity to interact with the First Lady is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will, for many, serve as a deployment highlight.

The First Lady has made troop visits and interactions a signature element of her time in the White House. Together with Jill Biden, she formed “Joining Forces,” a division of the Obama White House that works through public-private partnerships to equip veterans and families with education, employment and wellness resources. Air Force Col. Nicole Malackowski is the group’s current director.

On the other hand, life in service has become acutely more difficult during the Obama Administration. While major combat operations have been drawn down in Iraq and Afghanistan, manning levels have fallen precipitously while new operational demand signals have stretched the services thin.


No word on whether Mrs. Obama will be treated to a tour of the decrepit restroom facilities Al Udeid airmen have been lamenting for years. Also no word on whether she’ll be subject to a strict egg limit at the chow hall or have access to chicken during her visit. But should the First Lady or Conan want to chug down a quick cigarette, Al Udeid has established a convenient 10′ x 10′ shaming area — correction, Designated Tobacco Area — that should be available with minimal waiting, though it may be a little crowded.

While the preceding is offered in jest (somewhat), airmen at Al Udeid should not miss the opportunity to let the First Lady know about conditions there. It’s this level of attention that can sometimes move the needle in ways the chain of command normally can’t or won’t. 

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