Former USAF Major suing the Air Force for mishandling criminal case

A Former US Air Force Major in Alabama is taking the USAF to court over wrongful imprisonment for sexual assault.

Former Major Clarence Anderson was accused of sexually assaulting his ex-wife, Kendra Bell Anderson, which ultimately led to a conviction and imprisonment.

When new evidence surfaced, Anderson claims a military judge refused to look at new evidence, which dealt with a key witness who was not only paid off by Anderson’s mother-in-law, but also began having a sexual relationship with Mrs. Anderson.

On July 2013, two national-level lawmakers wrote a letter to Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson, only to receive no response.

“A member of Congress has submitted a congressional (letter) to an agency within the DOD, and you’re not answering?” Anderson said. “The reason why they’re not answering because it’s gonna admit guilt.”

According to Anderson’s lawyer, Anderson just wants to see an injustice set right.

“We’re basically saying either give us a whole new trial or give order a real robust article 39-A hearing where we can actually litigate these issues and explore these issues, which wasn’t allowed in the first go around,” said Benjamin Beliles, Anderson’s attorney.

According to Dothan First, Anderson feels that enemies of the United States have more protections under law than servicemembers.

“An ISIS terrorist can be prosecuted on U.S. soil and have more liberties and freedoms and protections than a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret, or an armed service member does,” he said.

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