German P-3 Orio trolls Russian fighter jets over the Baltic Sea


A German P-3 Orion crew made light of a Russian intercept while performing maritime operations over the Eastern Baltic Sea, showing just how common such intercepts are.

Despite being the frequent subject of tabloid articles around the world, intercepts involving Russian and NATO aircraft are almost common to the point of boring.

To break up the monotony, a German aircrew thought up a joke well in advance of their mission, delivering the punchline to the camera as a Russian fighter came into view.

The filming crewman held up a patch that read “GERMAN/RUSSIAN DEMO TEAM, FORMATION LEAD,” and the PVC patch showed a P-3 leading an Su-33 Flanker.

Posted to a German Reddit page, one comment stood out amongst the rest.

“I have a drama idea,” the post began. “They are the same pilots every time. An intimate friendship developed over the years. One day, the Russians no longer find the Orion on the radar. Not the next day either. The lonely Sukhoi flies alone over the big blue, day after day, without being able to catch anything. Like in Hachiko.”

Hachiko is a reference to a Japanese Akita by the same name, who, following his owner’s death, continued to wait for his owner at a local train station for over nine years. He passed away peacefully near the station in 1935, and is something of a cultural icon in Japan due to his steadfast loyalty.

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