Hilarious Interview with Aviano Security Forces Commander

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Air Force Public Affairs folks have a tough job. They’re responsible for telling the service story, but have very limited latitude to do so in an engaging or entertaining way. In fact, they spend most of their time churning out targeted propaganda directed from on high.

The internally conflicted prospect of communicating effectively within a tightly confined and over-regulated space produces some bizarre results … from half-baked public service announcements to overly stilted command interviews to an infatuated over-reliance on the music of regional bands to engage with the public.

But every so often, the pressure produces a diamond in the rough.

The team at Armed Forces Network Aviano produced just such a gem recently. SSgt. Corey Schuler sat down for an interview with Lt. Col. Damian Schlussel, commander of the 31st Security Forces Squadron.

The result, satirically styled in the mold of Zach Galifianakis’ Emmy Award-winning “Between Two Ferns” series, is hilarious. You won’t be able to stop watching, even in those moments when the skit reveals its modest goal of gently tapping the drum of policy.

Schuler and gang have obviously internalized what may become the next evolution in Air Force public affairs: if you’re going to be stuck doing propaganda, at least have fun with it.

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