Idiot Under Investigation

Chaplain Doctor Captain Sonny Hernandez made a name for himself, in a bad way, by taking to the blogosphere to rhetorically scourge the skin off those he deemed insufficiently devout. He focused his insane rhetoric on Christians in uniform.

His major beef? That certain “disloyal” military members would dare to put their oath to support and defend the US Constitution above their loyalty to the teachings of Christ.

This is among the most tortured and ridiculous notions in the annals of idiocy, placing Sonny in multiple pantheons of shame. It’s as though he set out to drive a pickaxe into the master brain of military service, as though it was his place to glimpse and correct a flaw in the basic code of service.

A man has to be fucked up at his very core to walk around harboring that kind of arrogance and delusion. Such men can’t be thought to serve any higher power, which requires clarity of mind and humility of spirit. Best I can tell, Sonny is less a man of the cloth and more a man of the froth.

But in the end, he’s just one guy. Unless he gets access to nuclear weapons or a meth lab, he can’t do much damage — at least not while we’re noticing and calling out his idiocy. The real question is whether this braying jackass is so welcome in the Air Force that others with like impulses could do similar damage. The sum of all that damage, depending on the size of the jackass herd, could leave a mark.

To understand this hazard, we must gauge the Air Force response. Unfortunately, the response has been in keeping with the best traditions of propagandist opacity, offering nothing constructive and basically compounding the severity of the underlying issue. Publicists and the chickenshit commanders they’re fronting have made this mess worse.

First, they said Hernandez was not under investigation. Then, they admitted he was in fact under investigation.

Lying is bad. It shouldn’t be done.

But even the truth is a bit of a poison pill. Turns out the only investigation being done is by the Air Force Inspector General. This pretty much guarantees nothing will happen to Sonny. The IG is not a watch dog, but a lap dog for the chain of command.

You can bet your ass the IG will find a way to avoid addressing the real, actual questions of substance attaching to Sonny’s rabidity. They’ll ask a different, narrower question and find a way to answer without damaging the Air Force’s public image. It’ll still be damaged, but not by them, which is all that matters to these jackals. They ride flank for the chain of command, nothing more.

The chain of command should be investigating Hernandez independent of the IG. He broke the rules. AFI 51-903, refreshed in preparation for presidential election season, is clear:

Prohibited Activities. Military personnel must reject participation in organizations that advocate or espouse supremacist, extremist, or criminal gang doctrine, ideology, or causes, including those that advance, encourage, or advocate illegal causes; attempt to create illegal discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, or ethnic group; advocate the use of force or violence, or otherwise engage in the effort to deprive individuals of their civil rights.

Sonny openly encourages religious discrimination in his online rant, singling out a few select faiths he feels are peculiarly unworthy. He also urges his readers to violate their oaths if they feel said oaths interfere with their religious practices. This qualifies as advancing an illegal cause. He’s wishing for theocratic rule in lieu of the rule of law, which would make him a comfortable fit in a radical cult but renders him totally incompatible with Air Force service.

Hernandez needs to resign his commission or have it taken from him. Every day he continues to wear the rank of a USAF officer deepens the injury.

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