Is Ukrainian ace ‘the Ghost of Kyiv’ real?

Mig-29 – Author : Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

A legend has been born over the skies of the war-torn nation of Ukraine- and while there is no proof he actually exists, his alleged exploits have raised the morale of Ukrainians and their allies.

An alleged Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter pilot, who has been given the moniker of “Ghost of Kyiv,” reportedly downed six Russian fixed-wing aircraft, including some that were of superior design.

In the aftermath of the Russian invasion, Ukrainians sought a hero, and -be he man or myth- the “Ghost” has become a symbol of steadfast resistance.

According to Newsweek, there is no proof that the “Ghost” exists, and the mythical combat ace may be as fabricated as the Polybius arcade game.

However, while the Ukrainian government has not acknowledged the pilots’ existence, many -to paraphrase the old posted involving extraterrestrials- “want to believe.”

In addition to being a morale boost for troops, the likely “hush hush” nature over the “Ghost’s” existence in large part due to propaganda value: in an era where memes can do as much damage as missiles, the endless Ace Combat-themed memes related to the “Ghost” show that the West wants to believe, too.

“I don’t care if it’s a lie,” one netizen tweeted, paraphrasing a line from Ace Combat 04, “Just tell them [the “Ghost”] is already here!”


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