Last One Out of the Air Force, Turn Out the Lights [Video]

Idiots Jigging About

The Air Force is 60,000 airmen short. Here are five people who can be re-purposed toward that shortage.

Bent on dissolving those pesky last few shreds of dignity, this gaggle decided to get in front of a video camera, in uniform and evidently while on duty during duty hours, and jig about like drunken morons.

And Public Affairs thought paying attention to it made for a valuable use of taxpayer resources. And the Aviano “leadership” thought it was a great idea to slap on the base Facebook page, just to amplify the embarrassment and ridicule.

End of the world? Nope. But just another signal that while the generals and E-9s claim they understand what life is like for those of you gutting it out in the smallest, busiest, and most bureaucratic version of the Air Force in its seven-decade history, they truly have no idea. If they did, they’d be working tirelessly to set things right, and would not have any time to spare on bullshit like this.

Watch this painful spectacle of contemporary “professionalism” for yourself. Warning: could lead to aneurysms in those longing for the resurgence of a combat-focused Air Force.

Oh by the way, what the hell even is this?

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