Law Firm Video Pummels Flaws in Military Sex Assault Cases

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Having never been personally involved with any of his cases, JQP can’t vouch for Will Helixon or his firm. But we will say this … that military members accused of any criminal act with even the vaguest connection to any sexual impropriety need strong legal representation.

That kind of representation won’t ordinarily come from the Area Defense Counsel, despite often herculean effort by individual lawyers. The services, particularly the Army and Air Force, weigh down undermanned defense counsel offices with unsustainable case loads and often give lawyers little notice and insufficient resources with which to assist their clients in mounting a defense. 

Therefore, it’s essential under most circumstances that any airman at any rank accused of any sex-related offense obtain effective counsel in addition to that counsel assigned by the military system. The video featured below, produced by Will Helixcon’s firm, helps further elaborate why.

For the services, sexual assault is a total stakes game. If they don’t make a sufficient show of dealing with it, they risk commanders losing the effectively unlimited legal authority they currently hold. This would make the modernist, micromanagerial, pyramid structure of the military unworkable by forcing the services to democratize in ways they’d prefer not to. It would force them to take more authentic account of the human element in war. This threatens the conventional wisdom and confounds the American way of war, which is all about logistical and technological superiority … and only rhetorically about people.

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