Man arrested after breaching security at Tinker Air Force Base

Timothy Garner

An Oklahoma felon is in custody after he jumped the fence at Tinker Air Force Base and attempted to gain entry into the base’s water treatment facility.

A convicted felon on parole for previous offenses, 36-year-old Timothy Garner has been out of prison less than a year and might be on his way back after trespassing onto Tinker AFB.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office was notified of Garner’s hijinks by Tinker base security forces, and reportedly fled after workers told him they had called the police.

“He was spotted by some individuals working on the base. They informed him that they had called base security and that’s when that individual ran off,” said Mark Opgrande with the Sheriff’s Office.

The Air Force reported that Garner managed to jump back over the fence and flee, making his capture a local law enforcement issue.

“Tinker Air Force Base confirms that an individual trespassed on the installation and fled before being apprehended,” a base spokesman told KOCO5. “Our base security officials provided information to local authorities to assist in their investigation.”

Garner was eventually captured and faces a felony trespass charge. Some of his previous felonies include shooting with intent to kill, assault and battery, first-degree burglary, robbery and drug possession.

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