Man wearing jacked up uniform claims to be Air Force Special Operations on Memorial Day

A man impersonating a US Air Force officer was busted while shopping in Costco, wearing medals he didn’t earn and even admitting he had just participated in a parade.

The video, which was posted to Facebook, documents the encounter between the cameraman and a man posing as a US Air Force Captain.

The “Captain” in question was wearing an old Army Combat Uniform in the UCP pattern, adorned with various medals and patches, to include a Purple Heart award, Air Force Special Operations patches and an “Extreme Prejudice” tab.

While many “Stolen Valor” videos are somewhat of a clown-show on the part of both parties, the cameraman was incredibly tactful, allowing the “Captain” to dig a hole of lies, trip over himself and fall in.

“This one is for combat,” the “Captain” said with a speech impediment, clutching a National Defense Service Medal.

The impostor then claimed he was in Iraq during the first Gulf War, and that he was wounded in combat.

The “Captain’s” backstory, while elaborate, made little sense, and he eventually offered to show identification- which just happened to be a New York driver license.

With his facade falling apart, the pseudo-Airman was asked a question: how many people thanked him for his service today?

“I came from a parade, so I got a few,” he said.

Eventually, the man breaks down under pressure and offers to remove his coat, exposing a non-regulation Rothco shirt with the USAF roundel.

The cameraman then tells the verbally defrocked quasi-Captain to finish his shopping and leave.

“Memorial Day,” the cameraman sneered. “How disrespectful is that? Stolen valor.”

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