Netherlands receives first F-35, accidentally sprays foam on it during ceremony


A Dutch Air Force fire crew -hoping to celebrate the arrival of the Netherlands’ first F-35A Lightning II with a water cannon salute- bungled a recent ceremony, spraying firefighting foam on the expensive warplane.

The nation’s air force was looking forward to celebrating the replacement of the aging F-16 fleet, with one of the older aircraft being infamous for nearly shooting itself down in March of this year.

During the arrival of the F-35, Dutch firefighters assigned to the airfield were taking aim to give a water cannon salute, but ultimately ended up dousing the plane in foam, potentially compromising its radar-absorbent coating.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident took place on October 31st, and the accidental use of foam was due to a mishap involving an F-16 earlier in the day.

The pilot, Ian Knight, was no doubt left confused as he taxied on the tarmac, having just flown to the Netherlands from Italy.

Knight is based out of Bakersfield, California, and serves as commander of the 323 Test & Evaluation Squadron.

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1 thought on “Netherlands receives first F-35, accidentally sprays foam on it during ceremony

  1. Oopsie!
    “potentially compromising its radar-absorbent coating”
    I’m not concerned about the low-observable coating. I expect some concern was given in the design to the effects of fire retardants, rain, fuel, hydraulic fluid, champagne, and anything else that might be spilled on the exterior.

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