Photo of the Day: Panther F-15E

A 494th Fighter Squadron F-15E Strike Eagle from Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath, England, flies a training mission. The F-15E Strike Eagle is a dual-role fighter designed to perform air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. An array of avionic and electronic systems gives the F-15E the capability to fight at low altitude, day or night, and in inclement weather and perform its primary function as an air-to-ground attack aircraft. The aircraft uses two crew members, a pilot and a weapon systems officer. Previous models of the F-15 are assigned air-to-air roles; the “E” model is a dual-role fighter. It has the capability to fight its way to a target over long ranges, destroy enemy ground positions, and fight its way out.

Originally published June 7th, 1999.

Photo of the Day is an effort to re-connect the Air Force community with its heritage by highlighting airpower-focused public affairs efforts.

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