Pilots in love with new video made with old USAF footage set to killer music

If you grew up wanting to fly the best aircraft America could offer, you probably at some point came across some American fighters painted in colors more suited to Soviet made aircraft, complete with blocky numbers and American roundels.

Of course, we’re talking about the ultimate OPFOR, the “bad boys” of the sky who test the very fiber of American fighter pilots- the Aggressor Squadrons.

Something of a relic of a bygone era when tensions between the US and now-former Soviet Union were reaching fever pitch, the Soviet Bloc-style liveries and tactics of Aggressor units seem nostalgic in their own right, harking back to the “sexy” era of being a fighter pilot when the Western world was painted in neon colors, killer music, a booming economy and big hair.

Fortunately, YouTube channel War Aesthetics has capitalized on this nostalgic niche in military aviation, adding the “AGGRESSORS” to their series of glitzy and mostly Cold War-themed videos.

Featuring a syntho soundtrack and footage of some of the best Aggressor squadrons in the US getting to work on sharpening the skills of America’s finest, “AGGRESSORS” turns the nostalgia factor up to 11, and does so with F-15s, F-16s, and F-5s in stunning Warsaw Pact camouflage schemes.

To make a sweet situation even sweeter, several aircraft and teams make cameos, including the F-111, F-4, Tornado, B-1A (the predecessor to the venerable B-1B), A-7 Corsair II, and even the USAF Thunderbirds Demonstration Team.

So sit back, dig out your old Ray-Bans, dust off your old HGU-26/P and get ready to ride the neon-laced tailwinds of awesomeness that inspired many of us to fly in the first place.

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