Quick Hit: Dumb Article Stereotypes Entire Generation of Warriors

I’m only sharing this article to remark on how woefully misguided it is, and to critique the entire premise of bundling a generation of people together and presuming they have sufficient commonality to be regarded as a bloc.

Read this piece — if for no other reason than to see in clear terms what a really horrible idea looks like.

A recurring theme — not just in American military discourse but in the nation’s social dialogue more generally — is the chauvinistic judgement of self-anointed elders as they fumble to describe the inevitable changing of the guard. This tendency has led more than a few commentators and far too many generals to mistake difference for inferiority … and to ascribe unfair disfavor to a generation of men and women who have spent the whole of their military lives not swaddling in the Chateau … but admirably fighting an arduous, thankless, and endless war.

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