Released Air Force emails show nobody knows why drones are flying around Colorado’s ballistic missiles silos


The US Air Force is trying to get a handle on numerous sightings of unidentified drones near missile sites in Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas, where over 150 nuclear-tipped Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles await further order from underground.

The 90th Missile Wing is currently trying to make sense of the matter, and numerous USAF public affairs units are scratching their heads when it comes to giving clear answers on what exactly is happening out there.

The drones, which range from rotor-type to ones with six-foot wingspans, often dropped “space potatoes,” potato-sized rut fillers used on farms go keep irrigation trenches in good order.

Some US Air Force personnel believe that at least some of the sightings involve projects related to Elon Musk’s Space X satellites, which can look like a string of lights as they enter orbit.

In Morgan County, Colorado, the sheriff has urged the public not to shoot down drones.

“I am urging the public to NOT shoot at the drones,” Sheriff Dave Martin wrote in a bulletin posted to Facebook.

When inquiries began coming to the desks of USAF PAOs, the internal emails (later obtained by the Freedom of Information Act) show bewildered units contacting their assets in hopes that they’re responsible for the drone sightings.

“100000000000% not us,” wrote a member of the 90th Security Forces Group. “I’ve seen some articles pointing the finger…But I can definitely say this is not our team.”

In response to the numerous rash of sightings, NORAD, USNORTHCOM, MAJCOM, AFOSI, the FBI, DHS, the USAF Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration Directorate, and the FAA have all stepped in to investigate.

“As you can imagine this activity has gained the attention of our Commander here at NORAD and USNORTHCOM,” one 90th Security Forces Group email from January 7 read. “We are fully engaged as well with our FBI and DHS representatives here.” 

According to The Drive, responses to inquiries have varied from unit to unit, and no one is still entirely sure (at least publicly) what the drones are for or where they have come from.

Local law enforcement have also reported swarms of drones moving at around 60-70 MPH.

“Sheriff’s deputies are responding and seeing the drones as well,” 90th SFG wrote in an email. “They reported seeing a ‘mothership’ 6 feet in diameter flanked by 10 smaller drones (some fixed wing, some not). When deputies follow the drones, they clock them at speeds of 60-70 mph.”

The Colorado Department of Public Safety flew a recon plane for five hours after a rash of sightings, but turned up nothing.

Anti-drone countermeasures have been deployed to critical sites in the event the alleged craft are hostile.

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