Seven companies splitting adversary training contract worth up to $6.4B

Photo courtesy of Blue Air Training.​

The US Air Force is pushing up to $6.4 billion in funding to “Red Air” services, in hopes that the contracted companies can provide top-tier aggressor services.

While the USAF has their own aggressor squadrons, the organization has been looking to seven companies -Air USA, Airborne Tactical Advantage Company, Blue Air Training, Coastal Defense, Draken International, Tactical Air Support, and Top Aces Corp- to provide more realistic threat scenarios to Air Force pilots.

“Contractors will provide complete contracted air support services for realistic and challenging advanced adversary air threats and close air support threats,” the Defense Department said in an announcement.

The massive cash flow would help cover around 50,000 hours of training, split between JTAC training and adversarial air duties.

Many of the private companies provide their own aircraft, often in the form of exotic planes from other nations.

Blue Air Training, on the other hand, goes a little “lower tech” with the A-90 turboprop attack plane.

“We spend countless hours studying current tactics for any fighter a JTAC could see operationally and utilize those tactics, techniques and procedures in the training scenarios so the JTACs feel as if the actual asset is on station,” said James Barlow, Blue Air Training’s founder and chief executive officer. “A light-attack asset such as the A-90 Raider can easily simulate an A-10, F-16, or F-35 because tactically, JTACs don’t spend much time looking at the aircraft.”

According to Air Force Magazine, the companies will look to take on tasks at over 22 locations.

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