‘Sticky McStickface’ wins Air Force mascot naming contest


The US Air Force ran a contest to create a mascot for the 412th Test Wing- and somehow, the winner is “Sticky McStickface.”

This isn’t satire, we’re afraid: of all the potential mascots that could have been chosen for SparkED (the 412 TW’s innovation cell), it was a stickman with “they/them” pronouns.

“Sticky is the people’s champion,” said Chase Kohler, spokesperson for the 412th Test Wing, the host unit at Edwards. Kohler clarified that Sticky’s pronoun is they, “as a representation for everyone.”

It is unknown if Kohler was maintaining a straight face during the interview with Task & Purpose.

“They embody the innovative spirit that lives within all of us here at the center of the aerospace testing universe,” Kohler said.

The 412th, stationed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, is best known for the development and testing of new USAF technologies, from breaking the sound barrier to stealth technology.

Runners-up included Axel the Eagle, Karl the Creative Kraken, Connor the Contrail, Nic the Sonic Boom, Eddie the Lightbulb and Captain Rob, a flight suit-wearing variant of Disney’s “Robin Hood” fox.

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