Top enlisted airman trolls USAF’s admin software because it is so bad


The US Air Force is losing so much credibility over buggy administrative software, that even the top enlisted Airman is throwing shade at it.

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass took to Facebook to address the USAF’s near-universal hatred of a program known as myEval.

“We get it, folks,” Bass wrote in her post that featured a meme. “We have seen the memes and the jokes…more importantly, we have seen the legitimate concerns and feedback about myEval.”

The meme she posted is the classic “What can’t you just be normal?/screech” meme template, which was originally derived from the film “The Babadook.”

Bass acknowledged that the system isn’t that great and needs some tweaking.

“As it stands now, the system is not able to seamlessly process reports into a member’s official records,” Bass wrote. “Effective immediately, we’ll begin using PDFs from e-Pubs to complete enlisted and officer evaluations.”

The dismal response to myEval pales in comparison to the hype it received prior to rollout.

“The myEval application reduces administrative burdens, enhances the user experience, and provides leaders with performance data to assist in making informed talent management decisions,” Lt. Gen. Brian Kelly, then-Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services, said in January.

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