US Air Force general pilot and his lieutenant son are scheduled to dogfight

Gen. James “Mike” Holmes, the commander of Air Combat Command, engages with senior leaders from the 124th Fighter Wing during his visit to Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho, March 28, 2019. The leaders, both officer and enlisted, had the opportunity to frankly ask questions to Holmes. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Joshua C. Allmaras)

A US Air Force general and his lieutenant son are scheduled to dogfight each other during a live-broadcast aerial dogfight on Saturday.

The only catch: they’ll be doing it with Xbox One consoles.

No doubt the inspiration for at least a few pilots flying today, Namco’s Ace Combat series is a franchise that is nearly a quarter of a century old, and is well-known amongst gamers and aviation enthusiasts for its rich storyline and aircraft detail.

While not as true-to-life as combat flight simulators such as DCS or the Jane’s combat sims of yesteryear, the Ace Combat series -which takes place on an alternate version of our own world, known as Strangereal- is a well-endeared one, with game-related morale patches regularly showing up in US military aviation circles.

As such, it’s only fitting that USAF Air Combat Command chief Gen. Mike Holmes, a seasoned F-15 Eagle pilot, face off against his Viper-flying don, 1st Lieutenant Wade Holmes in a duel, livestreamed for all the world to see.

The duel will take place on Saturday in the multiplayer lobby of Ace Combat 7, Namco’s most recent edition of the game, and each pilot will be flying their respective aircraft.

It is unknown which pilot will by flying for the nation of Osea, which is the Ace Combat Strangreal equivalent of the United States. In the game, the nation of Osea is pitted against the nation of Erusea.

According to, the showdown is focused on recruiting new Airmen and will be completely interactive, allowing viewers to ask the two fighter pilots questions about being in the USAF.

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