USAF Academy may make cadets who refused vaccine repay up to $200k in tuition


The COVID vaccine obsession within government institutions is once again rearing its ugly head, this time at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado.

Graduates of the academy -who commission into the USAF- may be forced to repay up to $200k in tuition costs if they refused the COVID vaccine.

While cadets will receive their degrees today during graduation ceremonies, those who refuse to get the jab will not be commissioned.

“A decision to reimburse the United States for education costs in lieu of service will be made by the Secretary of the Air Force,” the Air Force Academy announced.

The move is making its way forward, despite the startling numbers that show religious and medical exemptions have largely been ignored by the various branches of the armed forces.

So far, three cadets remain, and may not even be able to attend the ceremony.

“Cadets are eligible to commission once they receive their first dose and commit to completing the series,” the USAFA said. “Determining what events a cadet may be able to participate in on Graduation Day depends on when the Superintendent is notified that a cadet took their first dose and committed to the full series. Considering that the Class of 2022 held their practice over the weekend, there may be logistical challenges as the ceremony nears. A discharge decision will not happen prior to Aug 1, 2022.”

According to Task & Purpose, the jab was initially voluntary but has since become mandatory.

“If they refused the Covid-19 vaccine, their squadron commander issued a written order stating they must receive the vaccination,” USAF Spokeswoman Rose Riley said. “If they refused a second time, meaning they had now disobeyed an order twice, they were processed for an entry level separation.”

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