USAF Academy requiring students to watch ‘inclusion’ training video promoting BLM


The US Air Force is inundated with “inclusion training,” including a required training video at the US Air Force Academy that requires the user to support Black Lives Matter if they want to chose the correct answer.

Despite being outed in recent memory as both a political machine of far-left ideology and a funding source for some of its founders to buy lavish properties, BLM has continued to enjoy protected status of sorts in institutions ranging from higher education to the military.

This is no more prevalent than at the USAFA, where a training video gave three scenarios in which to be more racially sensitive- and all the “solutions” suggested supporting BLM.

The hypothetical scenario involved a mixed-race student named Jose, felt pressured by two of his friends to attend the Black Lives Matter event on campus.

During the exchange, a third person claimed that Jose does not look “more south of the border.”

Jose then explains that he is a Mexican-Nigerian, prompting the individual to disparage the BLM movement.

“No offense, but it seems like all lives matter would be a better way to bring people together,” the friend says in the video, obtained by Fox News. “Because Blacks aren’t the only lives that matter. It just seems like you’re dad’s family matters less than your mom’s.”

USAFA Chief of Media Relations Dean J. Miller claimed the video is “required training for inbound cadets (appointees) ahead of their arrival to the U.S. Air Force Academy.”

“This is the first year this training has been used at the Academy, and it is used at universities and colleges across the country,” Miller stated.

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