USAF F-35s drop 39 tons of bombs on “ISIS-infested” island


An ISIS-infested island in Iraq was blasted with over 39 tons of bombs from US Air Force F-35s and F-15s, creating some of the most awesome display of firepower to hit the internet in years.

The Tuesday raid caused significant damage to facilities on Qanus Island, which is located along the Tigris River.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the island is reported to be a “major transit hub and safe haven” for ISIS forces, which were largely pushed out of Iraq and Syria after taking over large portions of both countries in previous years.

While the bombing was an incredible show of force, much care was taken to avoid civilian casualties.

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  1. God bless each and everyone of You soldiers male and female thank you so much for risking your life so that I could have one of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren God bless you God bless you

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