USAF general says servicemembers need to trash Huwaei phones, USAF base still monitored by Chinese cameras

(U.S. Army Reserve photo by Master. Sgt. Ryan Matson, 652nd Regional Support Group)

China may potentially be watching the US military from within, thanks to affordable cameras, drones and cellular devices.

The drive for the cheapest product has ensured that many US military installations -including US Air Force bases in Colorado.

Now, a retired US Air Force general is warning the military to stop using products by Chinese tech companies, which often have a large percentage of Chinese Communist Party state -and military- ownership.

One such “hot item” comes in the form of Huawei phones, which have a lot of features for a cheap price- but also happen to track everything from a user’s face to their gait, location and voice, information that the CCP may demand from Huawei at any time.

“No active duty service member should be using a Huawei device, especially not on a U.S. military installation,” said Brigadier General Robert Spalding. “Huawei smartphones are both a personal security and a national security risk.”

Spalding, who also served as China strategist for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has considerable experience with modern Chinese military tactics, which include remotely hijacking off-the-shelf technology.

According to Fox Business, the White House has banned the sale of Huawei and ZTE devices on military bases, but their current usage by service members has not been addressed.

Meanwhile, Chinese-made Hikvision cameras keep a watchful eye over Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base, the home of NORAD and the headquarters of Air Force Space Command.

Hikvision, which is 42 percent owned by the Chinese government, had its equipment banned by the federal government according to a review of defense contracts.

The ban requires their removal but it is still unknown when -or if- they will be removed.

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