USAF hints at secret RQ-180 “White Bat” drone in new video


The US Air Force has alluded to the existence of the RQ-180, a white drone that has been spotted around the globe.

A video, titled “Heritage Today- ISR and Innovation,” showed the evolution of the USAF’s information, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

“The days of balloons and biplanes have been replaced by white bats,” the video said in the narration, alluding to the High Altitude, Long Endurance drones.

Despite the RQ-180 being more or less under wraps, the aircraft spotted everywhere from California to the Philippines resembles the “white bat” reference.

According to The Drive, the “Great White Bat” and “Shikaka,” are unofficial nicknames for the RQ-180, with the latter being a reference to the white bat in the 1990s comedy, Ace Ventura II.

It is unknown if any information the RQ-180 -beyond what already exists- will become publicly available.

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